What’s This Shop For?

Let’s face it – Life can be tough and many times we find ourselves running on a hamster wheel wondering why things keep happening over and over again. My job is to help you break that cycle. Sometimes it’s a past life recurrence that we’re still connected to, sometimes it’s a habit or habits that we consciously or unconsciously find comfort in so we hang on to it like a safety blanket.

Habits can take many forms. For instance – a toxic relationship that we know we need to get out of, but we remain because the familiarity of it is more comforting to us than stepping out into the unknown to find someone new. Or someone that has passed on that you refuse to let go of so you keep them around refusing to let them rest in peace…

Each item I make is empowered to help you along your way in this sometimes scary, but always amazing journey of Life.

In closing, please understand that the items I make and sell here are intended to help you, but never intended to replace the professional medical or legal help you need to seek.